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Freestyle Skateboard Book Part-1 Englisch!

Artikelnummer: Free2022-2
24,95 €

"Freestyle Skateboard Book Part-1"

Sir-Marshall-Verlag. ISBN: 978-3-9822280-3-7

About 1000 photos. About 100 sequences.

Professional skateboarder of more than 40 years, 11 time world champion, 8 time European Championship winner, creator of 15 tricks, participant of more than 120 world wide contests taking top ranks nearly every time, to claiming the European Championship at 57 despite younger contendors. Guenter Mokulys presents his 10th book in his renowned series. This time exclusively shedding light on his life‘s passion: „Freestyle Skateboading.“
The 40 years of skateboarding and encounters with the world‘s best skateboarders have been comprised into this book for your advantage. Everything from proper healthy routines to personal tips from professionals, this book contains secrets and tips that will guarantee rapid growth from one of the most successful freestyle skaters. Guenter at his age is a prime example that „Freestyle Skateboarding“ keeps the body and soul young.
Guenter Mokulys: „Rodney Mullen was my inspiration for these books. In 1985 I took his sequence of tricks, photos, and descriptions and created my own personal handbook, analyzing his passion to make it mine as well. Back then he urged me to make this available to as many skaters as possible. That very same inspiration I gained from him was to be carried on to future generations. To show the world „Freestyle Skateboarding“, pushing the boundaries to spark that excitement in as many as possible.“